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Large Format Printing Tutorial

Printing large prints is cheap and easy! I use Staples for convenience and because of their consistent results. You can print as large as 3ft x 4ft prints for as low as $7!


These large format prints are called "Blueprints" or "Engineering Prints" and any printer shop that has one of those large format CAD/Blueprint printers can do it for you. 

You can watch the video tutorial or follow these steps to print with Staples:

1. Visit Staple's Blueprints website (under Staples Printing Services)

2. Select the size that you want (18x24, 36x48, etc.)

3. Click on "Design Now"

4. Under "B&W Blueprints" click on "Buy Now"

5. Upload the file and follow the options below. Ensure that the correct orientation is selected (Portrait vs. Landscape), the correct size, and if everything looks good, "Add to Cart"!

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, contact me and I'll be happy to help!