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The wonderful thing about lettering is that it is incredibly affordable. You only need some paper and pens!


(Feel free to check out a video that summarizes this post!)


You will regular need printer paper to print the lettering workbook. But it also happens to be great media for learning lettering! It's smooth but yet provides enough friction with the tip of the pen that is great for practicing.

Once you move beyond the challenge or to practice on the side your sacred letters and words, I recommend a drawing sketchbook that you can take with you anywhere you go, especially during a Holy Hour or your quiet prayer time. This will be your prayer journal where you collect those sacred words that slow your soul down. I recommend the Canson XL Drawing Pads.


Regular Calligraphy

The trick with learning lettering is to stick with small brush tip pens. Here are my favorite ones:

You only need one of these--not both! But, of course, you can buy both sets if you'd like and try them out!

Stay away from large brush tip pens like the Tombow Dual Brush Pens, at least for now. They create beautiful lettering, but the large tip requires a lot more control than the smaller tip, which takes time to build and establish muscle memory.

Faux Calligraphy

If you're doing the beginner track of the lettering workbook, any ballpoint pen will work well, but I recommend the Gelly Roll pens, which are super fun!


You'll also need pencils and a good eraser toward the last week of the lettering workbook!