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Calligraphy, like many other crafts we do with our hands, is all about muscle memory. So, needless to say, practice is key. There is no way to rush to a professional-looking composition, because it takes time. Think of training for a 5K or a half-marathon. Your body needs to build endurance and speed, which takes time until you can eventually get to the point of finishing the race and then even more practice for a good finish.


Calligraphy is the same way. It takes time and practice to get your lettering to look like those beautiful farmhouse signs you see everywhere! But the journey is incredibly worth it. This is why I created the 21 Days of Sacred Lettering Challenge so as to pray and meditate on sacred words while we learn lettering. So, instead of getting frustrated during the learning process tracing worksheets and what seems to be mindless calligraphy drills, we will consider the process itself a prayer from start to finish. Instead of a struggle, learning lettering will become a time to meditate on the Word from scriptures and our Sacred Tradition.

To expound on this point, I strongly recommend listening to the Mystery Through Manners podcast episode on “A Prayer and a Pen”. This will get you excited to start this challenge and learn more about the benefits of lettering and doodling in your prayer life. Jules, who produces this beautiful podcast, features four women (and yours truly!) who talk about their experience with lettering and doodling in their ministries and prayer lives.